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“Nothing ever tasted better than a cold beer on a beautiful afternoon with nothing to look forward to than more of the same.” - Hugh Hood The goal of Ocean Beach Brewery is to craft a distinctly local beer that is as much a testament to the community around us as it is to the art of craft brewing. It is our intent to present craft beers that are innovative in spirit and a cause for pleasent contemplation, while our three-story, rustic-tasting room provides an inspirational view of Ocean Beach; a combination that invokes a sense of enjoyment that is unparalelled on Newport Avenue. Every aspect of Ocean Beach Brewery is an experiment in artistry with Ocean Beach as our exclusive muse. San Diego is known around the world as a destination for lovers of craft brews. In that spirit, It is Ocean Beach Brewing Company's mission to continue that tradition by providing Ocean Beach with its own claim to fame. A place were locals and the rest of the world can visit, and walk away knowing that they've partaken in something uniquely O.B.

The Building:

In 2008, Mike Tajran, owner of Newport Pizza and Ale House, purchased the 5041 Newport Ave location and began the architectural planning for what would become the first microbrewery on Newport Avenue. The former building remained unused for many years, having been previously used by several entities and groups since its initial redesign. Upon purchase of the building, Mike decided to completely remodel the building from the ground up. But, to maintain some of the historical value of the building, MIke decided to repurpose much of the original 100-year-old wood and integrate it into the design of the new building. The walls on the first and second floors are that very wood, adding a rustic appearance to the new interior design. The goal is to integrate the old with the new, providing a contemporary place enjoyed by locals and visitors alike; a place loved as much for its craft brew as it is for its architectural contribution to the Ocean Beach landscape. Our building boasts three stories including the downstairs tap room, kitchen, and brew room in back. The second floor is designed to allow casual tasting and sipping while enjoying classic games of shuffleboard and foosball with a Newport Ave facing balcony and spectacular view of beach. The third floor is the crown jewel of the building with a rooftop deck and panoramic view of the ocean, OB Pier and the surrounding Ocean Beach and Point Loma hillside. This rooftop was designed to be the highest point in Ocean Beach and provide a spectacular view unmatched in OB. Where history was once lost to this building, a new history is being built for generations to come.



Jim Millea, our Head Brewer, brewed his first batch of beer in the late 1990s in his hometown in Massachusetts. It was a basic Nut Brown Ale kit, brewed on the kitchen stove and fermented in the plastic bucket that came with the kit. Yeah, homemade beer! A couple of years later, Jim moved to San Diego and stumbled upon a modest homebrew shop and brewery on Linda Vista Avenue you have probably heard of. His passion for brewing was rekindled and became his passion. He started simply, with extracts and steeping grains, later moving on to all grain brewing, spending years working on various types of beers and learning tips and making new friends at his favorite homebrew shop. Jim became a recognized beer judge in 2005 through the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) run by the local San Diego homebrew club QUAFF (Quality Ale and Fermentation Fraternity). In 2015, Jim graduated from UCSD Extension's Professional Brewer Certificate Program, developed by many of San Diego's renowned brewers and industry of rock stars. During the program, Jim considers himself lucky to have gained experience through internships at Ballast Point Little Italy and Benchmark Brewing Company, as well as his first official paying job as a brewer at O'Sullivan Brothers Brewing Company. Living in San Diego since 2000 and Ocean Beach since 2008, Jim has seen the spectacular beer scene develop in San Diego from small and relatively unknown to the beer tourism destination and industry powerhouse it has become today with well over a hundred breweries in town. Many of them winning medals and even the World Champion Brewery Awards. Shortly after moving to OB in 2008, on a walk down Newport Street, Jim noticed the "Application for Alcohol Permit" sign in the window of the building that would eventually become the OB Brewery. The timing of gaining both practical and academic experience in brewing came together when the opportunity presented itself for Jim to become the Head Brewer of OB Brewery. He spent the final year prior to the grand opening helping to get the brewery built out and running, working on the recipes and brewing the beer that would be the first served when the doors opened. Now he is rocking and loving every minute of it!